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School Day times



Morning Session   9.00 a.m.    12.30 p.m.

Lunchtime 12.30 p.m. – 1.15 pm

Afternoon Session   1.15 p.m.    3.00 p.m. 

Nursery (Mixed Provision)

Morning Class   8.30 a.m.  – 11.40 a.m.

Afternoon Class   12.20 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Our Uniform

SCHOOL UNIFORM Parents are asked to dress their children in the school uniform – white polo shirt/blouse and grey or black trousers with black sweatshirts with the school badge and mission statement ‘Effort Earns Respect’ printed on the front.  P7’s are asked to wear a red jumper. 

It is recommended that each child brings an overall or large shirt, which can be used to cover school clothes when engaged in painting or clay modelling.

We would also encourage your child to bring in wellies/outdoor shoes during the winter months. Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on all garments and items belonging to your child.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR 1.  T-shirt 2.  Shorts or tracksuit bottoms 3.  Gym shoes (not trainers) For health and safety reasons, pupils should wear these for PE and bring them to school each day – or they can be kept in school. All jewellery, especially the wearing of earrings, is prohibited during PE.  For reasons of safety earrings should be removed or covered by a plaster if unable to be removed.

Our Curriculum


The school curriculum is broad and balanced with an emphasis on continuity and progression.  All curricular areas are addressed from P1 – P7 and are set in balance of age/stage and attainment.  Learning is provided in individual, group and class teaching situations with the emphasis on catering for the individual needs of each child.  Support for Learning can be provided where appropriate.  As part of the learning experience, children will have the opportunity to participate in educational excursions, including a residential camp at P7.  The school also makes full use of specialists and visiting speakers to enhance learning experiences.

Parental Involvement

Banchory Primary and supporting services can benefit from developing positive and active partnerships with our parents/carers by involving them in decisions including information sharing, discussions, open events and focussed sessions on developing the core messages.  We also widely use Class Dojo as a means of communication with all parents Nursery – P7, there is a dedicated Facebook page for parents of the school and we share our work on Twitter.  We will be implementing GroupCall, which is a text messaging system.

Family Learning is currently being developed across the schools and we will be making use of our technologies as a means of supporting this further.  There are opportunities for families to learn together in school but, being aware that parents may not always be able to attend the school during school hours, we are also developing a YouTube channel which will allow parents to access aspects of learning at a time which is more suitable for them.

The better the information that Banchory Primary provides to parent/carers, the more they can support their children’s learning and the school.  Information that parents share with the school can assist teachers in adapting their teaching to suit the learning styles of pupils and take account of any particular issues that may exist.

Everyone who is a parent, as defined in terms of the Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 has rights under the right to receive advice and information about their child’s education, general information about the school, to be told about meetings involving their child.

Child Protection

The safety of children is everyone’s responsibility.  If staff have any concerns for a child or young person’s wellbeing, they have a duty to pass on information that will help keep that child safe.  All school staff receive child protection training at the beginning of a new academic year. All staff and volunteers working with children and young people (in or out of the school building) are checked for offences that would make them unsuitable for such work.  The school also has close working links with a wide range of other services and agencies that can help support children and young people in need. Each school has a named co-ordinator responsible for all issues relating to child protection.  In our school this person is the Acting Head Teacher.   Full details of the council guidelines and procedures for child protection can be seen in the school on request.

The council requires all staff to inform the co-ordinator if any allegation or suspicion of abuse arises.  Such information cannot be kept confidential.  The co-ordinator must pass the matter to social services and ensure that parents/carers are informed.  Other members of school staff will be informed only if they have a direct role in supporting the child or young person.  Social services staff will pursue the allegation.  Sometimes this will be as part of a joint team with the police. The school actively supports children and young people develop their knowledge and skills about personal safety and to be confident in expressing any anxieties about their own well being.  This is encouraged through PSE and through specific curriculum programmes such as  ‘Feel Think Do’.

Clackmannanshire Council Education Service

Directors Foreword

The Education Service provides a wide range of services for children, young people, families and communities and is committed to lifelong learning, giving children the best possible start in life as they progress from nursery to school and beyond.

Our mission is to educate, protect, support and promote the achievements, health and wellbeing of every child and young person. Much of our work is undertaken in partnership with other services, agencies, communities, children, young people and their families. Improvement will be supported by collaboration across educational establishments, services and with other regional partners.

With the full support of our Headteachers, Elected Members, Chief Executive, our corporate colleagues and partners, we are committed to achieving Excellence and Equity – raising attainment, tackling inequity and ensuring that high aspirations and positive outcomes are the expected norm for every child in Clackmannanshire.

We are committed to ensuring that the views of our children, families, communities and partners are taken into account when planning and delivering our services. Shared ownership and awareness of the education “big goals” is key.

It is clear that the needs of our children and young people are best met by working effectively with parents and carers. I believe we need to strengthen parental involvement in education and to provide flexible systems to enable parental engagement and representation.

The school your child attends is where it all happens and I encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can, be that via Twitter, Class Dojo, giving a helping hand or buying a ticket for a concert!

Read with your child every day! Ask them what they have learned that day and get them to show you!

It is our intention to ensure that our relationships are characterised by mutual trust and respect, there is transparency and equity in the use of our resources and we are all ambitious for our children and young people.

Anne M Pearson MBE

Chief Education Officer

Clackmannanshire Council

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