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Details of local health services available over the festive period!

Winter Health Information

School Handbook

The purpose of our school handbook is to communicate the ethos of the school and provide a welcome for parents to Banchory Primary School, help our parents choose a school, prepare your child for school and to act as a reference tool while your child is at our school....

Clackmannanshire Women’s Aid

Clackmannanshire Women’s Aid leaflets

Book Swap

We need donations of books for our upcoming book swap.

Parentzone Scotland

Parentzone Scotland is a unique website for parents and carers in Scotland

Loose Parts Play Information Leaflet

Loose Parts Play Parent Leaflet
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Leadership Teams 2019/20

Good afternoon everyone,

During our Celebration Teamtalk with the whole school last Friday, all our learners and staff were informed that as of today the below link would be made available to allow learners the opportunity to apply to join a Leadership Team for this new session. The deadline to have completed is Monday September 16th at 3pm.

After the roaring success of our increasing pupil participation model last year and Education Scotland Award finalist nomination, we have listened to our learners and increased the number of our Leadership Teams sessions this year beginning Friday September 20th.

If you are able to spend a little time with your child completing the below application based on their likes, skills and abilities, that would be great. We are also always open for parents to also be part of our leadership teams so please contact myself if this is something that would interest you and I can discuss this further in due course.

Do not worry if you are unable to complete this at home as all class teachers will also be trying to provide some time this week to allow access to the technology to allow applications to be entered.

Huge thanks in advance for your continued support!

Mr Kerr
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
Banchory Primary Parents' Hub
School Travel Action Plan

This session one of the new initiatives the school is undertaking is to develop a Banchory Primary School Travel Action Plan. To help inform our main action points could I ask you to complete this very short survey by Friday 6th September.

The information gathered from the survey will help our Junior Safety First Leadership Team decide the key objectives of our school plan this session and beyond.

A huge thanks for taking two minutes to complete the below.

Mr Kerr
(On behalf of the Junior Safety First Leadership Team)

Banchory Bedtime Stories

Stories LIVE on our Facebook hub and a YouTube playlist of our favourite stories


Banchory Bedtime Stories Playlist


How Can I Support My Child’s Learning?

Plan trips and travels as a family

Have a family approach to travel. Investigate the area and explore the culture before you go. Get children involved in pricing and research. Read reviews together.

Help them find the answers to their questions

Children are curious. They ask questions. Google has the answers when you don’t. Why not ask Google together and enjoy discovering new things together.

Watch a family movie and talk about it

Movies can make us think about issues and ideas in new ways. Make some popcorn and have a family movie night watching one of these great movies.

Write or tell stories together

Writing and telling stories can be a fun way to develop your child’s language skills and imagination. WHO?  WHAT? WHY? WHERE? WHEN? are the important questions every story needs to answer.

Explore the World online

Can’t afford that trip to Australia? Explore it anyway with virtual trips. Watch travel shows on YouTube for a country. Price up a trip for fun. Watch a movie that’s set there. Cook up some country themed food. Get Google Maps and Google Earth on the go and walk about the streets.

Speak With Them

Words are hugely important in a child’s development. Talk to them as much and as often as you can. Point things out from the bus and the car. Share ideas. Tell stories from your childhood. Help them understand the world.